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Why did Lincoln Craft Studio change the name to Makit Takit?


Have you been wondering why we decided to change our name? Let me tell you a little about the decision and the process. 

This store has been a dream of mine for almost a decade but the timing was never quite right. In 2015, a friend (fine, my therapist) reminded me this was something I wanted to do and maybe I should start thinking about it again seriously. When I mentioned it to friends and family, they were all supportive and encouraging so I plowed ahead. A store like this is kind of a big idea. It's hard to describe and maybe even more difficult to execute but I was willing to give it a try. 


It's kind of hard to name something that doesn't exist yet. I wanted something that was broad enough to fit whatever the store ended up being. Lincoln Craft Studio. That was it. I carried on with business as normal and got to work. 

We opened our doors in March 2016. In March 2017, I hired a local agency to help me out with some events and summer camp. They are great fun to work with and their specialty is branding. One of the first things they brought up was if I ever thought of changing the name of Lincoln Craft Studio. 


I'm trying really hard to lean into whenever I feel extra defensive so I just simmered the information they gave me in my mind. I chatted with some of my people to maybe brainstorm some ideas for a change, but I still wasn't seriously considering it. It was just fun to think about. The ladies at Eleanor Creative lit the spark. They mentioned that Lincoln Craft Studio didn't express all of the kind of fun we have in here on a daily basis. Did you know we throw some super fun craft parties? You can come here and make stuff all the time! Our name needed to better represent that.


We spent several weeks brainstorming some new name ideas and nothing was really standing out. I began to talk with a few customers and see what they would think about a name change. I was worried what would happen to what little name recognition I had worked so hard for the previous year. But, then I remembered, it was still little. There are so many people in Lincoln and the surrounding areas who still don't know we are here! Spread the word, friends! Anyway, my worries began to subside and I started taking this name change more seriously.

My mom came to visit one weekend and we stayed up late talking about it. 

"MAKE IT!", she said. 

I liked the sound of that. I put it near the top of my list. Something that we had to keep in mind was if we'd be able to get the domain name. "MakeIt" alone was taken. Then we thought the whimsical spelling of Mākit could work. Also taken. Makit Awesome. Makit Fun. Makit Takit. Yep, that's the one! 

Craftground. MakeMe. Craftish. MakitLincoln.

just a few of the names that didn't quite pass muster.


Once we decided on a name, it was time to work on switching everything over. I worked with a graphic designer to help come up with the new look of the logo. She also helped me nail down some of the things we do here and by breaking everything up into the "Elements of Craft". If you've been into the store lately, you'll notice that all over our front windows. Our "Elements of Craft" are: Materials, Techniques, Tools, & Lots of Fun. 


Another thing we wanted to focus on was moving the making of things to the front of the store. There is now no question that the point of Makit Takit is for people to make things! I still have some retail items, but the main concept of Makit Takit will always be that it is a space where you can MAKE THINGS!

It took a few weeks to switch over the website, change the windows and signage, and move everything around in the store. We are still feeling the effects of it a little bit. Our back room is still a mess and I forget where I put things. Overall, I think the changes have been for the better. 

Our legal business name will still be Lincoln Craft Studio, LLC but our day to day business will go by Makit Takit. We added the tagline, "Lincoln's Craft Studio" to, hopefully, avoid confusion during the transition. 


I am really looking forward to the future. We are putting a lot of our efforts into getting some great classes on the schedule, increasing our party bookings (have you checked out the SPLATTER ROOM yet?), and beefing up our social media presence to help get the word out that we are here. 

Want to hear some of "BIG IDEA" goals? I want there to be something going on here every night. Parties. Classes. People using the space for their own big ideas. I'd like to include more technology and be able to share our classes with people who live farther away. I want to have some grown-up camps where women can come together to create and have fun. I'd like to help other women open their own craft studios in their communities. 

What do you think? Comments are open on this post. 




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