Lincoln Craft Studio


Get your friends together for a unique, affordable experience! Groups up to 40. Prices start at $15 per person. Choose your project - OR - Have a project in mind? Custom party packages are available.

Have fun, relax and learn a new crafting skill! We offer classes in screen printing, metal stamped jewelry, calligraphy and more. New classes offered each month.

Makit Takit
See something on Pinterest you can't wait to make? Want to try out a new crafting skill? Crafting is the ultimate relaxation activity. We have the supplies, equipment and space you need to create! Stop by during business hours.

Full-Service Screen Printing
Our studio caters to the ultimate-DIY-er, but we realize that sometimes you need a job done for you from start to finish. We are able to do screenprinting jobs for orders big and small.

Each job is a little different, but here is a breakdown of our fees so you can get an idea of what yours will cost.

DIY Screen Printing
Want to print your own items? You can have access to our screenprinting equipment after completing the three certification classes. Each class costs $40 and upon completion, you can use our equipment for $15/2 hours or $50/month.

You can check out our class schedule here for registration information for the certification classes.

Lincoln Craft Studio
4720 Prescott Ave, Lincoln, NE 68506
(402) 483-4232
[email protected]

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